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Consulting - Charity and Non-Profits

T Micro Solutions provides consulting services to 90% of our company’s clients on a scheduled maintenance basis and a small percentage of pro-bono services to non-profit charities and worthy causes.

We employ experts in their respective fields who are involved in consulting - that’s the only thing they do and that’s what they do best.

To inquire about consulting services for your company or non-profit org please feel free to give us a call at 1 281-415-5385 or to send us a written inquiry using the contact form.

For employment inquiries please e-mail your resume and three work references to Employment.

Consulting - For Business

Our services are geared to meet specific uptime requirements for your organization. Whether you need support for workstations, a server, serveral servers or a wide area network stretched across several cities, our team is experieinced in providing support and establishing a infrastructure to give you support that will keep your organization operating smoothly and efficiently.

Our consultants
All our consultants are multi-skilled in providing support and solutions day-in and day-out. This insures that the solution you receive has already been implemented by our consultants and they are experienced and knowledgable in providing your solution.
Our methodology
We employ a combination of industry "best practices" and "support procedures" that we have gained though insight learned by working with and supporting Microsoft products for over 15 years. Our methodology allows us to detect potential outages before they become an actual outage. We can't say that we catch every possible outage but when you are in business it is vital that you keep servers and workstation running optimally and reliably for as much time as possible. Our current server uptime for clients is 99.86%. This is obtained by an on-going maintenance schedule and attention to support indicators that our staff is trained to recognize.