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T Micro Solutions

As T Micro Solutions principal, I have been in the computer support industry since the days that PC support technicians were trying to figure out what to do with all the extra hard drive space on our brand new 20 MB hard drives. There was much grinning and slapping of backs going on because we had just loaded all our 5 1/4" floppy drive data (Lotus 1-2-3, Harvard Graphics, Wordperfect and some of us "gurus" had even loaded Clipper Compiler-dBaseIII +) to the hard drive and there was a lot of space left over. I mean a lot of space! In those days, all the real work was done in the "dark place" known as DOS. Windows wasn't a "real" network operating system, IBM and Novell Netware ruled in most business implementations. A technician worth his salt knew how to properly load protocol drivers in the protocol stack, make drivers load in specific memory locations. Heck, in those days, we even knew what a config.sys and autoexec.bat were and how to use them.

Alot of things have changed over the years, Windows came of age, Novell isn't on the forefront of network operating systems. Some things haven't changed - the "dark place" is still where the real work is done. Technology changed and some of us were lucky enough to stay and grow with it. Knowledge and expertise with companies like Citrix, Crystal Reports, and Microsoft. Microsoft software, such as, Windows Server - Active Directory, MS Exchange, MS SQL Server, SharePoint Portal Server, Visual Basic, MS Project, and MS Office have all come of age. Even, MS Access with the purchase of Rushmore techology by Microsoft, jettisoned Microsoft's database products into the mainstream as both a development and production environment platform. As part corporate support through the years, I have supported Solomon (now named Dynamics SL) and Great Plains (now named Dynamics GP).

There is a lot of technology out there and it can be a maze. Please allow us to bring our extensive expertise to your assistance.

Our philosophy is simple. We are in the business of implementing technology to automate, simplify and help you better manage your business. Let us help you take control of your information technology assets today.

Henry Castillo
T Micro Solutions


1979 - 1983 - Principal volunteered for the United States Air Force. As an Electronics Technician, he was assigned to Air Training Command, Tactical Air Command, and Strategic Air Command at various times in places such as Lackland AB, San Antonio, TX; Keesler AB, Biloxi, MS; Torrejon Air Base, Madrid, Spain; Puerto de Soller, Palma de Mallorca, Spain; Patrick AB, Satellite Beach, FL. He worked with technologies such as, Microwave Radio, Tropospheric Communications, Tactical Frequency Managment Systems. His duty in Florida was his favorite when he was part of the 2nd Combat Communications Group, also refered to as the 2nd MOB.

1983 - 1988 - Principal worked for AT&T as a Communications Techician and spent the last two years with AT&T as Chronic Problem Technician. He worked with trouble isolation on T3, T1, local RBOC vendors with both PBX and Data Communications via Datascope, Signal Testers and Oscilliscope testing.

1989 - 1991 - Principal worked for Exxon as a Communications Technician supporting their mainframe operations in Houston. Support was provided for a Digital Conversion project and secure Dial-in modem network.

1991 - 1993 - Expertise and knowledge increased through several contract network support positions with companies such as Fina Oil and Chemical, Tandy Corp and Quantum Research.

1993 - 2002 - Expertise and knowledge increased by working for a Microsoft Solutions developer. This is where the lionshare of knowledge and experience was gained through hands on implementation of an 18-location Frame Relay Network. Worked intensively in several areas of expertise - Visual Basic database programming, MS SQL Server Support, MS Exchange Support, Corporate report development and implementation with Crystal Reports/Crystal Info Server on a Citrix Server/Solomon Accouting System implemented on a Frame Relay Wide Area Network. I wrote an application that the company sold to several well known corporations in the Petro Chemical Industry. Upon departure from this company, T Micro Solutions was born.

Current Projects

  • TX Morrow Construction - Virtual Proxy Server and Web Content Filtering Virtual Server Implementation

    This was our first Virtual Server project for a Houston based Construction Company. Implementation included a virtual proxy server to provide spam, virus, content and web filtering.
  • Vineyard Galveston Church - Website Flash Web Site

    Website features inlcude a Flash interface, Photo Gallery, Calendar.
  • Royal Equipment - accounting upgrade Dynamics Great Plains Implementation

    This project involves the installation of a member server to an existing domain and installation of an integrated security MS SQL Server. As of 10-21-09, we are in the process of porting data from QuickBooks into Great Plains. On going project.


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